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Working Auditions

05 Jan, 06 Jan, 07 Jan, 08 Jan

Working is a delightfully funny and thoroughly touching musical which explores what goes through the minds of everyday people - from construction workers and waitresses to firemen, secretaries and cleaning women. It showcases the individuals' occupations and also laments their lost hopes and dreams - taking the average worker's viewpoint …

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Ophelia Thinks Harder workshop

11 Dec

This will be an opportunity to meet the team, learn more about the show and ask any questions you may have. The workshop is free and open to all, members and non-members. The workshop will include: an introduction to the team & the play; group activities; a look at some …

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Ophelia Thinks Harder auditions

11 Jan, 12 Jan, 14 Jan

Ophelia is struggling with the constraints place on her by her social status – as a woman, as a royal, and as a player trapped in a male narrative. However, after a series of encounters with ghosts, actors, wise women and psychologists she is given fresh hope. Will Ophelia realise …

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